Black Hole Zion: Meditations, Volume 2 In 6 Days

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Meditations, Volume 2 In 6 Days

 Meditations, Volume 2 is out in 6 days!

The surprise reaction to that Running on Empty cover caught me off guard, and I need to talk about the full length album we have coming out in just 6 days.  Yikes!

This album is a big one.  It's a full hour of instrumental electronic and piano music with binaural beats.  If you listened to the first Meditations album, you might already be familiar.  Unlike the first album, this one was written as one long piece of music.  Each track flows into the next one.  You can listen to the whole thing, or you can skip around.  However, the intention was for a seamless play through of all the tracks.  Further still, the entire thing was written so that it loops back on to itself seamlessly.  Depending on what format you listen with, you could listen to the whole album for hours on end.

Also, it's a strange coincidence that there are six days until release as I write this.  The number 6 shows up in a few ways on this, and most of these were not intentional.  It happens to be the sixth meditative type piece of music I've done.  Meditations, Volume 1 was five distinctly separate pieces of music on one album.  The musical key for Meditations, Volume 2 is F# Major.  That key has 6 sharps in it (F#, G#, A#, C#, D#, E#).  My intention was focusing on the sixth chakra (third eye).  Also, the frequency I am implying with the binaural beats is 6Hz.  The 6Hz part WAS intentional though.  There's more, but those are the biggest ones I can think of.  Very odd coincidences, and kinda neat.  

You can pre-save Meditations, Volume 2 here on Spotify or pre-order here on Bandcamp.

Trying to keep this entry shorter than the last.  More soon!  Live long and prosper.


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