Black Hole Zion: February 2020

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Synthesizer Rig Rundown with Stan

Black Hole Zion have never had a keyboard/synth player before.  Although there are tons of synthetic/electronic sounds on our albums, we've always had to rely on other means to recreate things live.  When we added Stan, it opened up a ton of possibilities.  Having a keyboard/synth player covers so much ground for us.  At times, it thickens up or adds texture to guitar or bass parts, plays counterpoint, extra melody lines, or just does some weird and cool stuff.  I wanted folks to get a chance to see all the gear Stan has, especially since we don't get to take it all out live.  Stan is a really great musician and flavor to add to this band.  This video was shot right after a recording session I did with Stan over at his place a few weeks back in January 2020.  He knocked out three songs that will be heard on an upcoming release.  Enough of me talking, here's the video.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Meditations: Volume One is Available Today

Meditations:  Volume One is available today.  If you've seen us play live, or only listened to The Great Repression, then you will probably find this to be one of the most odd things we've released.  If you've listened to all the Black Hole Zion releases, it might not be as much of a left turn.  Like the title of the album, this is music for meditation or creation.  Some people don't like to sit and count their breath to clear their mind, and I know I don't always want to do that.  This is music to help you relax, create, or think.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I used binaural beats to help things along.  If you can set aside enough time each week to listen to one track with headphones on and relax, think, or make something, I think it will be of benefit.  That was the reasoning behind the release to begin with.  Further, I would love it if you shared some of your thoughts, creations, or that you simply were able to find time to relax because of this.  Please do so, and let us know if it is OK to pass some of these things on to others.