Black Hole Zion: July 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

One Week Until The Great Repression: New Video

This time next week, our new album will be out.  We decided it would be cool to go ahead and release another video for The Great Repression before the album comes out.  I (Mark) had an idea for a video companion to The Utterly Dismal Theorem and the Formation of a New Universe that I sent to my director friend, Sheridan Cleland.  I had this idea for a Noah's Ark vibe with some old Mel-O-Toons animation that I had been kind of obsessed with recently.  Sheridan took that and really ran with it in such a cool way.

Also, if you pre-ordered the album on Bandcamp, we are making that song available to you now too.  Bonus points if you can say "The Utterly Dismal Theorem and the Formation of a New Universe" three times fast.

Talk soon and here's the video!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Release Date, Pre-Order Information, and Album Cover

We have a release date and are ready to go!  The Great Repression will be released on August 4th, 2017.  As we've said before, we are doing a physical release and a digital download for this album.  The physical CD will have a full color booklet and lyrics.  In the music community, some folks complain that physical albums don't sell.  That is partially true.  However, there's also the fact that lots of musicians don't put a lot of effort into album art anymore.  The Great Repression is not like that.  A lot of effort was spent working on our own and with other visual artists to create a physical release with some depth that is interesting to look at and read while you listen.

You can pre-order the album via our Bandcamp page.  In addition to the physical album, you get a digital download of the whole thing in a variety of formats.  If you pre-order, you'll also get an advanced download of our first single, 8-Bit Rage.  The Great Repression will also be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and several other outlets on the August 4th release date.

Since we're talking album art and release date stuff, how about a picture of the album cover by the super talented J. Hicks!