Black Hole Zion was formed when Mark began writing a series of songs that all followed a particular narrative. He was also writing some electronic and soundtrack pieces simultaneously that were vastly different, but he still felt belonged in the same universe.

Currently, the music spans the electronic, rock/metal, industrial, and soundtrack genres with a bit of art music and punk rock attitude present throughout.

Black Hole Zion is not quite a solo project, but more of a collective. Think: Star Trek's Borg instead of the Romulan Praetor. While much of the vision comes from Mark's perspective, anyone involved is free and encouraged to contribute. Mark's main collaborators are Ryan and George. Mark approached Ryan about collaborating on some of the pieces as a guitar player and they ended up writing some songs together in addition to the music Mark had already written. Ryan also wrote a few songs on his own that capture the spirit of Black Hole Zion perfectly. When it came time to discuss drums, George was the clear choice. His ability to push and pull the groove of a song while still maintaining accurate time and feel in an electronic environment are crucial.

The first Black Hole Zion EP, titled Reflection Nebula, was released in April of 2014. 

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