Black Hole Zion: June 2017

Friday, June 16, 2017

First Video and Single for The Great Repression


I said we would be updating really soon, and I meant it.  We now have a video for 8-Bit Rage.  I hate to use the term "single", but since this is a song that a few radio stations have opted to start playing, it is appropriate.  If you've seen us live, you have definitely heard this song.  If you've caught it on terrestrial or internet radio, this is the new, final mix done by our friend, Terry.  We hope you dig the song and the video.  Here is a YouTube embed:

More to come!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Great Repression update and more

We are getting a bit closer to releasing The Great Repression. All of the album art is very close to completion and I (Mark) am doing the final layout before things go off for duplication. Since we are getting so close, we thought we would share the track listing for the album:

1. I Dream of Infinite Space
2. The Letdown
3. 8-Bit Rage
4. This Equation is Null
5. The Utterly Dismal Theorem and the Formation of a New Universe
6. All-American Violation
7. Secrets of Time Travel
8. Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop
9. Transdimensional Stellar Autopsy

We will also have videos for a few of the songs to release soon.

As I've written before, we are proud of this album and the effort we have put into it. Now that things are wrapping up, we are ready to start playing live again. We can now announce that we will be playing Shocka-Con 6 on Friday, September 8th, 2017 in Charleston, WV. Shocka-Con is West Virginia's premiere horror and sci-fi convention, so Black Hole Zion is obviously a great fit. You can learn more at

OK, that's it for now.  Next update is coming soon though.