Black Hole Zion: Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop

Friday, November 8, 2019

Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop

"I'm only happy when I am inside of you" doesn't really mean all you think it does. We set aside some time to practice in our friend, Jackie's, studio.  He's a lighting designer and we wanted to get another rehearsal in with our new keyboard played, Stan.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to practice together and get some video footage.  We didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up turning out nicely.  It was a really cool and disorienting experience.  The strobes and other lights in our face were way more intense than at a typical show when you have a bit of distance between you and the lights.  This was tight and up close.  I think the intensity of all that came through in the performance. You get wound up doing something like that even without a large group of people to play for. 

We ended up doing maybe 3 takes of the song as a band with a couple of cameras, then another take where I used a handheld to get footage of everyone without me in the shot.  I did all the editing, and it was a bit of a challenge to get all the stuff that was lit for a live performance to play well on camera.  This is also the first video we've done with our new lineup, which I am so happy about.

I quote the lyric from the last line of the chorus, but I don't really explain it.  I kind of like things that way, but I realize some of the stuff I say is out there for some.  What I will say for right now is that one of the things I am happy to be inside of is that unstable loop.  That repeating pattern that is quite irregular.  Like a lot of songs on that album, it's kind of tough to talk about too much.  My friend, Steve, has asked why I don't explain a lot of the lyrics.  I plan to finally do some of that soon.  For now, here is the video:

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