Black Hole Zion: Shadowrunning on Empty

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Shadowrunning on Empty

 It's been a bit since we have updated the website.  It's much easier to push updates to social media, but I know from email that a lot of you folks don't necessarily go that route.  I'll be better about posting here.

I did this crazy weird parody/cover of the Jackson Browne song, Running on Empty, for the Critical Hits Twitch channel and their Shadowrun podcast.

I can't post the whole thing yet because their Patreon subscribers get it first.  I CAN post this little snippet (yes, from IG).  If you are into gaming of any kind, I would suggest you check out Critical Hits on Twitch.  Super cool folks and they are highly entertaining!

Running on Empty (Shadowrun)

It was super rad to sing in a slightly different style than what folks might be used to hearing from us.  Plus, I got to do a ton of synth work.

We are finishing up work on our cover EP as well.  It's got some things you won't necessarily expect from us either.  I got the cover art back from our pal at Robot Tentacle Artworks, and I am looking forward to being able to share that soon.

 Also, here is a ridiculous pic of me and Michael making funny faces at each other. It was a crazy night.  It was Davis' first show, our friend, Amaris, filled in on synth, and before Frank joined the band.  I remember I busted up one hand and both knees because I had all this twitchy energy and was pacing around and just slamming into things.   

 Live long and prosper


the star wars prequels are good

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