Black Hole Zion: I Am The Liquor

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

I Am The Liquor

 Our pal, Terry, and the rest of I Am The Liquor put out a really cool EP last week.  It's grungy, doomy, and a little poppy.  The EP is called A Speck of Light, and the guitar sound alone is fantastic, let alone the rest of the instruments and vocals.  These folks have yet to put out a bad album, and I am happy to call Terry a friend. 

You'll recognize Terry's name from the liner notes on our album, The Great Repression.  When I was pretty deep in a pit of depression, lacking motivation, and hating everything I did, I turned to Terry to finish the mixes on that album.  I knew I could trust him when I didn't trust myself.

I'll refrain from throwing out a bunch of band names as what I hear for influences on this EP they just put out because sometimes I think that takes away from the originality.  It's such a good combination of influences coming together from good folks making something original.  The title track is so heavy and trippy.   Damn.  Nice work, folks!

You can check out the album here on Bandcamp along with all of their other releases.

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