Black Hole Zion: June 2020

Friday, June 5, 2020

Hi folks,

It's been a very difficult time for a lot of folks over the past few months.  It seems to have gotten even worse.  I wake up angry or nauseous and stay that way a lot of the days.  Everyone in this band feels similarly.  We have persons of color, LGBTQ, and other citizens being murdered by the police in this country.  Peaceful protesters are sometimes being met with even more violence by police agencies in this country.  We have folks protesting stay at home orders and cosplaying around with guns that are nowhere to be seen when true injustice takes place.  Then, we have a president that seems to throw gasoline on the fire and incite more violence against the citizens of this country.  If you're not upset or angry, you aren't paying attention or you lack empathy and common decency.  Well, what can four straight white men do about it?  It's obvious we don't have any business trying to lead some kind of movement.  Although we may try to empathize, we cannot truly understand what persons of color and LGBTQ individuals go through, but we can try and support them with our hearts and actions as allies.

Keeping all of this in mind, Bandcamp is waiving all fees for artists on 6/5/2020.  If you can, support artists of color and artists from the LGBTQ community.  We will also be donating ALL the sales from our music today and all the profits from our music for the next week on Bandcamp equally to the following organizations:
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund
The Okra Project

We chose these organizations because they support people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and fight against police abuse.

If you think musicians should shut up and play, that's your right, I suppose.  We've got a reality television president leading this country, so maybe you should ask him to resign if you feel that way?

Stay as healthy and sane as you can.  We might not be much, but we will try and do what we can.