Black Hole Zion: March 2019

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Transdimensional Stellar Autopsy

The video for Transdimensional Stellar Autopsy is out on 3/29/19.  I'll include an embedded link below.

In a dark and complicated album like The Great Repression, this is the most uplifting song you are going to hear.  That's not saying much though.  This is the final song on the record, and the one where I am trying to make the most sense out of all those feelings of desperation, confusion, anger, and loss.  It is an examination of the granting, loss, and regaining of power for a person.  It is the conclusion that no matter what you do, you cannot fix everything in life or with yourself.  You cannot save everyone, and you might not be able to save anyone.  You do the best that you can because in the end it means nothing and it means everything all at the same time.  I had a friend asking me questions and discussing the album who just so happens to be in the mental health field.  He likened the album to stages of grief and this song to the acceptance stage.  This album is definitely written from the perspective of an individual going through loss and also suffering from mental illness, so I feel that is an accurate observation for him to make.

I almost did not release the video because it does not reflect the current lineup of Black Hole Zion.  However, I like this song and I like everyone that has ever been part of Black Hole Zion.  I felt the song deserved a video, so I went ahead with the plan to release.  Visually, this is most certainly an attempt to show how the song makes me feel, what was going through my mind lyrically, and also combine my love of all things science fiction.  At times there are 8-10 layers of visuals happening at once even though you may not see them all consciously.  I hope you dig it.  If not, oh well.  See you on the other side of the multiverse.