Black Hole Zion: Meditations, Volume 2 Release Date

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Meditations, Volume 2 Release Date

Hey folks!

Meditations, Volume 2 is almost out! It is a one hour long piece of electronic music meant to take you from your physical body to outer space (or inner space) and back. If you dug the first volume, then you'll definitely dig this one. If you came to Black Hole Zion for more of the heavier rock stuff, give this a try! It's meant to work as meditation music, yoga music, deep listening music, music to create other art to, or keep you calm and relaxed while doing work or studying. It's one hour long, but I have written it so that you can seamlessly play it on repeat if you like.

There are a lot of elements in this release, and it was the most difficult thing I have ever mixed in my life. I am so very happy to release it, and I hope you dig it. Release date is 3/28/23, but you can pre-order now and get one of the tracks right away. More soon! Live long and prosper.


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