Black Hole Zion: Shadowrunnin' on Empty 2

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Shadowrunnin' on Empty 2

 Wow!  Critical Hits has released their new podcast about Shadowrun!  It's called Shadowrunnin' on Empty and the theme song (as you may remember) was performed by Black Hole Zion.  You might recognize the parody/cover if you are a Jackson Browne fan, but it's definitely in a different style.

I absolutely love the Shadowrun universe, but never have the time or availability to play.  I listened to episode one this morning, and had a blast learning the history and lore of the fifth and sixth world.  Looking forward to more.

Great job by the folks at Critical Hits, and I'm really honored that Black Hole Zion now has a weird place in the Shadowrun universe.

You can listen right here or in the embedded player below!

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