Black Hole Zion: Meditations: Volume One out on 2/3/2020

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Meditations: Volume One out on 2/3/2020

I knew going into it that this was a bit of a left turn from what a lot of folks might expect from us. We don't just do aggressive heavy metal or electronic. I had the idea to do this after an intense guided meditation session.  If that sounds too weird for you, that's OK.  There's some legitimate science behind it all, too. This album consists of binaural beats influenced electronic music that was created for a series of live meditations that took place on our social media pages. The idea is that it is beneficial to set aside even small bits of time to meditate for relaxation or creation. I originally broadcasted these on our social media pages live and meditated along with those listening.  I've had requests from folks asking this be made available outside of social media, so this will release on 2/3/2020 through all the major streaming outlets.  It is my hope that it becomes beneficial for those listening to and using it.

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