Black Hole Zion: Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop, album release, etc...

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop, album release, etc...

Howdy space folks!

We had a great album release thanks to many of you.  For those that did not know, we tried to do something a bit different and live stream the album with a companion video while chatting on Facebook.  It went well, and we had very few connection issues for those watching.  We plan on doing something similar to that type of thing again in the future.  It is nice to experiment.

It is quite nice hearing so much positive feedback from people about the new album.  We really do like to talk, even if it isn't about ourselves (hah!), so feel free to keep reaching out via whatever channels you like.  With that in mind, we want to do a bit more with our mailing list.  You're thinking, "Wait, you have a mailing list?".  Yes, we do.  We've never sent anything out to anyone that's provided an email through Bandcamp or wherever, but we are going to change that soon.  You can sign up here.  Please know that while lots of people SAY that they won't be spamming you with a ton of stuff, we really mean it.  We plan to use the mailing list for certain updates and sharing things that we don't post right away to other channels.  We will also be recruiting some of you for a crowdsourcing kind of project in the future.  Lots of fun stuff and we definitely won't sell your address or any of that king of garbage.

Also, we put together a little lyrics video for Trapped in the Center of an Unstable Loop (hey, there's another one of those "say that three times fast" titles that Mark seems to be fond of.  There are a ton of lyrics and a lot going on during that song, so we thought this one would be a good candidate to try that kind of thing with.  You can watch a YouTube embed below, or you can watch it via our Facebook page.  Lots of folks say this, but if you can do the whole "like, comment, share" thing, it actually does help us out.

Stay groovy and we've got more to come!


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